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Bambull® K Neck Warmer

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Keep little necks warm. Pull the Neck Warmer over chin and mouth on an ice cold day or wrap it around like an improvised beanie. This neck warmer for kids by Tufte is your kids best friend on a hike or when traveling, or whenever they’re outdoors and it’s a little chilly. Our Bambull® products are made with a two-layer construction with bamboo rayon on the inside and Merino wool on the outside. Developed especially so that also kids with sensitive skin can enjoy warm, wool-based products.


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Product information


Bambull® is a Tufte invention that came into being in 2014. The name Bambull® is a combination of the words bamboo and wool , and plays directly on the garment's composition.

Experience Double Benefit with Bambull

Comfort and Care for Sensitive Skin

Embrace the unique blend of soft bamboo viscose and warm merino wool in Bambull's two-layer design, offering unmatched comfort and satisfaction for sensitive skin – because you deserve it.

Two-Layer Comfort

Bambull is a two-layer wool underwear with soft bamboo viscose on the inside and super fine, warm merino wool on the outside. This combination is especially magical for those with sensitive skin, eczema or skin allergies, offering warmth without wool coming into direct contact with the skin.

Old Rose

Friendly for Sensitive Skin

In a survey, up to 95% of people with sensitive skin and/or skin allergies were very satisfied with Bambull garments, underlining its suitability and effectiveness for those with skin problems.

Sustainable raw materials

Unlike other products that may use polyester or synthetic materials, Bambull uses bamboo viscose and merino wool, both natural raw materials, making it a more environmentally friendly option.