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Tufte Wear was founded in 2012 by Olaf Tufte. A really nice guy, farmer and Olympic champion from Vestfold. With the mantra "It is always possible to get better", Olaf began to make super soft boxers for the hard-working man. The brand has come a long way since then, but the mantra is still just as steady. It is the basis of everything we do, and drives us forward towards ever new goals.


With a focus on environmentally friendly textiles, bamboo has always been the most important raw material for us. Bamboo grows fast, needs no extra watering besides rainwater, nor any chemicals or pesticides. In short, bamboo is really good. When we use cotton in our clothes, the goal is to use organic or recycled cotton, of good quality. We consider this to be correct and important with regard to nature. We have given a promise to ourselves and nature that we will limit the use of plastic fiber in our clothes. This means cutting regular polyester, and we can guarantee that you will never find polyester fleece in our range. Polyester fleece consists of microplastic fibers that come loose in washing and use, and pollute the sea and the environment. This is not something we want to contribute to. Our fleece alternative is made of 100% merino wool, and provides better warmth, greater comfort and longer duration - both for the consumer and the environment. It's hard work to make sustainable textiles, but it feels very good - and so do our products.


To minimize the amount of waste and completely eliminate the use of plastic, we launched new packages in 2017 - made using only cardboard. Carefully folded and 100% recyclable. Tuft has become a solid brand with both desire and ability to grow. We are a team where everyone is committed to delivering products we are proud of. We at Tufte will continue to work to get better, every day. We therefore encourage all consumers to help us, and we are happy to receive tips on how we can get better.
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