Tufte Face Mask

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Tufte Face Mask in organic cotton

Comfortable and washable face mask for adults from Tufte, made of organic cotton. Please note that these face masks are not classified as medical equipment or personal protective equipment. The package contains 2 pcs. disposable filters. For filtering efficiency > 90%, use the supplied filter and follow the enclosed instructions carefully.
Extra disposable filters are sold separately. The filters are unfortunately sold out at the moment.

For optimal effect, the face mask must be closely fitted around the nose and mouth, so that all breath passes through the filter. The adjustable elastic bands allow the mask to be adapted to different face sizes. Note that beard and/our mustache reduces the effect of the face mask signifiically so the mask will no longer provide adequate protection.

Bacterial filtration efficiency has been quality controlled by the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI). Based on test results from FFI, it is concluded that the face mask meet the requirement for bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) for both level ≥ 70% and level ≥ 90% as specified in SN-CWA 17553: 2020.

The use of face masks does not replace other precautions. Remember that even if you wear a face mask, these precautions apply:

  • Clean your hands well and often
  • Keep a safe distance from others
  • Stay at home if you are sick


  • Wash the face mask before first use
  • Follow the enclosed instructions for use carefully before using the mask
  • Should be stored dry and in a paper bag, envelope or similar
  • The face mask is made for adults and should never be used by children under the age of 3. For children between 3 and 12 years, it is only recommended if the children are under adult supervision
  • The use of face masks does not replace other infection control advice
  • Not suitable for use during physical activity
  • Do not use if the face mask is damaged or dirty; the mask can be washed at up to 60 degrees and should not be dry cleaned. Do not use fabric softener
  • In case of illness, it is not sufficient to wear a face mask. Consult a doctor
  • Check that the mask is fitted correctly and make sure it covers the nose, mouth and cheeks. Nnote that the face mask does not provide sufficient protection if the user has a beard and / or mustache
  • This face mask is not considered a medical device (MD) within the meaning of Directive 93/42 / CEE or Regulation EU / 2017/745/745. It is also not considered to be personal protective equipment (PPE) within the meaning of Regulation EU / 2016/425.

Instructions for use
  • Before applying a face mask:
    • Thoroughly clean your hands with soap or disinfectant
  • Applying a face mask:
    • Fold out and expand the mouthpiece and insert a disposable filter in the inside pocket
    • Place the noseband over the nose with the white side facing your face
    • Slip the elastics around each ear
    • Then adjust the noseband over the bridge of the nose so that the face mask is close to the skin, and squeeze the noseband well against the bridge of the nose.
    • Hold the back of the nose and pull the mouthpiece down and under your chin
    • check that the edges of the mouthpiece are close to the skin and tighten the elastics so that the mouthpiece fits snugly against the face
  • Face mask removal:
    • Only touch the elastic, not the mask itself, when removing the face mask
    • Keep the face mask in a closed bag until you wash it
    • Remove and discard the disposable filter before washing
    • Thoroughly perform hand hygiene with soap or disinfectant
  • During use
    • Avoid touching the face mask during use. The mask should be changed up to several times a day depending on the environment you are in. If the face mask is damaged, filthy or damp, it should be changed immediately
Material, maintenance and storage
  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Care instructions: This product can withstand a maximum of 50 washes at 60 ° C. Machine wash at 60 ° C, do not use dryer, do not use fabric softener, do not use bleach, iron at low temperature
  • Storage: Should be stored dry and stored in a paper bag, envelope or equivalent
Product details
  • Detail: Adjustable earstraps, non-sterile, Tufte logo symbol on one side, pocket on the inside for use of disposable filter, 2 pcs. disposable filters are included in the package
  • Product dimensions: 23 x 14 cm
  • Labeling: non-medical, non-surgical face mask
  • Filtering efficiency: >90% when using a disposable filter. Filtering efficiency >30% without using a filter
  • Pattern: Solid colour
  • Item number: 3600-000-00

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