Tufted Wear


tufted wear

The material used in clothing matters

We at Tufte believe that the material used in clothing matters. That is why we are proud of and completely open about the fact that we use bamboo; it grows quickly, uses less water, no pesticides, no artificial fertilizers and no artificial water. In short, it's pretty awesome and eco-friendly.

tufted wear

Fiber Completely Free of Harmful Chemicals

Our unique SoftBoost™ material is made from bamboo lyocell mixed with modal fibres. Lyocell is the process bamboo goes through to become fiber: a closed loop system with only organic solvents. By using a lyocell process, we significantly reduce water use by recycling and reusing the water and solvent until it is empty. The end result is a soft fiber completely free of harmful chemicals. This is important to us.

tufted wear

Super soft, strong and durable material

Modal is reconstructed wood-based cellulose fiber: super soft with a high wet modulus and high wear resistance. The wood is sourced from farms that practice sustainable forestry, and the fiber itself is certified safe from harmful chemicals.

By mixing these two fibers we get a super soft, strong and durable material produced in a very sustainable way. In addition, all SoftBoost™ products are certified by the Oeko-tex 100 standard, which guarantees that all products are free of harmful chemicals.