Clothes for the future

Tufte Wear – comfortable and durable

In Tufte, it makes sense that clothes should be as comfortable as possible. This means that they should feel fantastic to wear, and that they should look good. At the same time, we want clothes produced in a responsible way with good durability. It is our job to make it easy to choose clothes that take human rights, health, animal welfare, nature, climate and the environment into account. The more people who can choose more sustainably, the greater the positive impact.

Chateau Gray Melange | Sky Captain Melange

The clothes you wear again and again

Clothing made to last

When our customers love the clothes we make, and want to wear them as often as possible, then we have done our job at Tufte. People who develop a relationship with the clothes they wear need fewer clothes and take care of them as best they can. Putting on a well-designed, high-quality garment is a joy in itself, and when it lasts year after year, it's even better.

Tufte Wear

It is always possible to improve

The story of Tufte is a story of constantly daring to challenge, in order to create improvements. This applies to our products, but also to the fact that we add to our own industry new knowledge and new methods of producing clothes. To the best of our ability, we take personal responsibility and strive to make incredibly comfortable clothes in our own way. Just as we think that every customer must be allowed to be themselves and enjoy what they are doing.