Clothes that last for many years

Tufte Wear - Clothes that last for many years

Tufte wear produces clothes you can use for a lot. Clothes that last for many years.

What is the problem

Modern textile and clothing production is very resource intensive. In all stages of production, there are problems and challenges, but also solutions and opportunities for improvement.
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what we do

To make clothing production less resource-intensive, bamboo is an ingenious place to start. We have been using bamboo since the beginning and do not intend to give us. Unlike cotton, bamboo grows quickly (up to 1 meter a day), requires little water and no pesticides. The benefits for the environment are many, in addition, the clothes become fantastically soft. No wonder we love bamboo.
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what you can do

As individuals, we all have an opportunity to make things better by making good choices. When it comes to buying clothes, it's mostly about doing two things: Buy fewer garments, and wear them longer.
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