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#movethedate puts the spotlight on the day called Earth Overshoot Day, in Norwegian "earth's overshoot day"; the day we have used up the earth's resources for a year. Read what we as a company and you as an individual can do to #movethedate!

Globally, we use resources equivalent to 1.7 Earths in one year, which we do not have. We only have one earth and every year the earth's overuse date is moved earlier and earlier. The year 1970 was the first time that the use of natural resources was greater than the annual recovery.


In 2019, this day was 29 July, which was then three days earlier than in 2018. That means that before eight months have passed, we have used up the earth's resources in 12 months. For Norway, this date in 2019 was set to 18 April. That is more than three months ahead of the world average.

As you know, clothing production is not the most environmentally friendly industry, but we at Tufte want to highlight that there are more environmentally friendly choices out there. We are working to find materials that are more sustainable than those we already use, such as bamboo lyocell instead of polyester. And we want to replace more materials with recycled materials. As a farmer, Olaf aims to leave the farm in better condition than when he took it over. This is also the case for us as a company and as individuals, we must work to leave the earth in a better condition for the next generation than it is now.

We humans have a high consumption of most things. Of food, technology and clothing. That is why it is important for us at Tufte to maintain a high quality of our products, so that the clothes can be used season after season. And if something is damaged, we encourage you to repair it, and to pass it on when something is too small or too big.


All our products are transported in plastic bags from the factory to our warehouse in Norway. We have just replaced all our plastic bags with recycled plastic bags. Then we do not contribute to more production of new plastic, but use plastic that already exists. The reason why we still use plastic as a raw material in our bags is to protect our products from moisture, spills and dirt, insects and other things that can affect and potentially destroy our products. It is also important that our goods do not bring foreign elements from Asia home to Norway.


Check the note! See what the products you buy are made of and choose environmentally friendly materials. Don't just throw your own trash where it should be, but also trash you find that someone else has misplaced. Buy used and recycle old. Fretex has made it easy to recycle and pass on with its reusable/recycling bags. Bring your own food and drink bottle. A lot of rubbish comes from disposable packaging which can be avoided by bringing your own food. If you use a steel bottle, it can be washed and reused, and does not need to be pawned after a few uses.


Changed from plastic packaging to cardboard. Soon there will also be other environmentally friendly alternatives to packaging where we currently do not use cardboard.
Uses more recycled materials, which is better than producing new ones.
Uses FSC-approved factories. This requires responsible forest management and that the factories are ISO certified.
We use plant-based printing on our t-shirts, which requires far less water consumption than conventional printing.
We visit our bamboo supplier annually and ensure that the factory workers have good working conditions.
We are constantly reducing the number of products we order as sales samples in the office and the number of catalogs we print.
The plastic bags our products are transported in from the factory to our warehouse in Norway are now made from recycled plastic. This is better than producing new plastic.
All in all, we try to reduce our footprint by strengthening quality, searching for more environmentally friendly materials, and using more environmentally friendly methods in production.

We are not the best at sustainability, but we work every day to improve. We want to be transparent about how we produce clothes. We will update the website with more information so that you as a consumer can be sure that Tufte is a good choice in terms of the environment.