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We at Tufte love reuse! That clothes and things have added value and can live a long time, it is a concept we like and encourage others to embrace. Here you can read about how we think about reuse in packaging design.


With reuse and added value in mind, we have created several packages that you do not have to throw in the trash after removing the product. The idea is that the pack will get a new life.
We have designed a School Pack for children; four pairs of nice socks packed together in a pencil case of organic cotton - a super practical gift for school children! Here the little feet can be kept warm, and pencils and crayons kept in place. The pencil is made of 100% organic cotton. If you already have a mini pencil, it can be used to house the toothbrush on an overnight visit or the eraser collection.

We also have pencil filled with four pairs of wool socks , for cold days.


The rest of our gift boxes are made in nice boxes with lids - these are nice and robust, and are great for storing things and seaweed. The stickers on the boxes are made so that you can easily pull it off without damaging the box, then put on a bow and the gift is ready to be given away.

After use, the boxes can become a garage for the toy cars, a box for colored pencils, a box for pictures or maybe it can be used to store nails and screws.

There are many opportunities to give the boxes a life. We have been to our factories in China and seen how the factory workers have used our boxes to store needles, thread and other sewing and small items. It saves the planet a lot of noise and unnecessary rubbish, and we'll be happy about that.


Our pajama packs are made of recycled polyester that has been put together into fine packs, or "sleeves" for our pajamas. This sleeve can be used to store documents, photos, magazines, newspapers, drawings, stickers or other treasures that need a place to live.

Coincidentally, there is also just enough space for a laptop in the package for women and men, and an iPad or tablet in the children's package.


As for the rest of our packages, these are made of 100% recyclable cardboard, without a single piece of plastic. There is minimal glue in the packages, most are only painstakingly folded.

In 2017, we made this permanent change from plastic packaging to cardboard, which contributes to less production and use of plastic, and which also reduces the risk of plastic ending up in nature.

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