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Free of plastic

One promise to nature

At Tufte, we work every day to find solutions on how we can make the best products of high quality, without involving plastic or creating an influx of plastic to nature. We have promised ourselves and nature to limit the use of plastic and plastic fibers in our clothing production. This means, among other things, cutting the use of ordinary polyester and never producing a single polyester fleece.


There are no figures on how much plastic is used on packaging in stores around the world. Today, plastic is unnecessarily often the material choice for packaging goods that are to be sent out to the consumer, whether it is clothing, tools, toys or food. We wanted to change this, and in 2017 we replaced all the plastic with cardboard packaging. Carefully folded and 100% recyclable. For us, this was a good and sustainable alternative as it contributes to less use of plastic and thus also a lower risk of plastic ending up in nature.

Product development

Every time we develop products, we are concerned with the garments not only should feel good to wear, they should also be good for the body and nature. When we make a garment such as a wool sweater, we go to great lengths to make sure that only the zipper is what is left of the plastic. The rest are natural and recycled materials.

When we now launch our new Active collection, we continue to strive to find the best solutions, which are both gentle on the skin and take care of our surroundings. All products are made of bluesign® recycled polyester and nylon, are light, comfortable and soft. The materials breathe well and transport moisture so that the products do not feel clammy even after a heavy workout.


If we are to avoid demand for plastic products and the influx of plastic into nature, we must use natural materials, while at the same time ensuring extended use and reuse of the products that have already been made. We have therefore made our Eco Blend T-shirt which is 100% degradable, made from 20% recycled cotton and 80% organic cotton. It is not added dyes or other chemical active substances such as. bleach. In addition, we have chosen to sew the T-shirt with Tencel thread, instead of polyester or nylon, and the label is made of organic cotton. This means that the Eco Blend T-shirts can become a natural part of the cycle, as the materials are completely organically degradable.

The picture shows the t-shirt after only two months in the compost.


We are constantly looking for alternative environmentally friendly ways to produce products with the same qualities that we find in polyester. After learning how polyester fleece is made from small microplastic fibers that constantly fall off during use, and thus pollute the sea and nature, we decided that this is not something we want to be a part of. Many people do not think that using polyester helps to ensure that the influx of microplastics continues. The use of polyester is common because it is cheap and has good material properties.

For us in Tufte it does not hold.

In search of a better alternative, we have landed on recycled polyester. It causes less pollution of air, water and soil compared to the use of ordinary polyester - and it also keeps plastic bottles and other plastic objects away from the landfill. This is not necessarily the best option in the long run, but it is the best option right now.

We are constantly working to improve our products and our production so that our customers can use quality products that feel good.

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