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Tufte Base layers


Tufte has a wide collection of baselayers for different uses and with different properties: Bambull®, Bambull® Switch and Frost. Our baselayers are divided into varying degrees of heat based on the garment's function and ability to retain heat, and range from Warm to Warmer and Warmest.


We made Bambull® to make winter and cold outdoor activities more tempting. The word Bambull® comes from the word bamboo and wool, and plays directly on the composition of the garment. The Bambull® products have a two-layer construction for unbeatable comfort and good warmth, with an inner layer in bamboo viscose and an outer layer in super-fine merino wool. This guarantees fantastic softness and warmth without itching like ordinary wool can do. The products are designed so that the skin never comes into direct contact with wool, so that even people with sensitive skin can enjoy warm wool-based garments and the fresh winter.


Bambull® Switch is a reversible baselayer garment with a two-layer construction. Bamboo viscose on the one hand ensures incredibly scratch-free softness against the skin, and super-fine merino wool on the other hand gives you good warmth. Turn the garment as needed, and experience the double comfort! This garment is categorized as warmer than our classic Bambull®, as the ability to turn the garment and get the merino wool towards the body leads to better warming properties. How to use the Bambull® Switch: The bamboo viscose is super soft and comfortable against the skin, and is scratch-free and thus hypoallergenic. It is perfect for easy trips in mild to cool temperatures. The bamboo viscose is very moisture-absorbing and draws sweat away from the body and into the garment. When you stand still, the garment can thus be experienced as cooling. If it gets too cool or cold, the garment can be turned so that you get the merino wool towards the body, and the garment will keep you good and warm and can be used at even colder temperatures. The properties of merino wool keep you warm even when you get wet, and have a temperature-regulating effect. The wool is 18.5 microns super fine and soft merino wool, and for most people the garment will not itch against the skin. To indicate which side is merino wool, we have placed a small merino sheep at the bottom of the sleeve / leg. You will also be able to identify the merino wool as this side of the garment has a pattern.


Tufte's Frost baselayer is warm, light and incredibly soft, made from 100% super fine, 18.5 micron merino wool. The wool's natural and fantastic properties will keep you warm even if you get wet or sweaty, and it regulates temperature so that you are warm in the cold and cooled in the heat. Frost is a thin innermost layer that is applied to the skin. Dress in layers with Villeple inside for good warmth. Perfect under a sweater or shirt on a cool weekday, or under a thicker sweater or jacket out for a walk. The garments can also be used alone on mild or cool days. We use 100% super fine merino wool in our Frost series. The wool's properties are unique and fantastic: • Wool absorbs moisture and generates heat • Wool has a temperature-regulating effect and is not static • Wool reduces sweat odor as the moisture is released from the fibers when it dries • Wool does not need to be washed to be clean • Wool is naturally more fireproof than most other fibers

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