Our Responsible Approach

Information about activity around unsold clothes

Sometimes clothing manufacturers end up in a situation where they sit on outdated goods. We are not the exception, but to avoid fully functioning items of clothing being thrown away, our process is as follows:

Handling of Unsold Clothes

  1. We discount the goods at tuftewear.no
  2. We offer a discount to wholesale customers
  3. We sell to outlet customers
  4. We sell it at our own warehouse sale
  5. Unsold goods at separate warehouse sales are attempted to be sold again at subsequent warehouse sales
  6. We give away to charities or others in need

For 11 years, we have not thrown a single garment in the bin and we are very proud of that.

We encourage you as a consumer to always pass on fully functioning clothes to someone who can use them. If a garment is damaged, can it be repaired? Do your utmost to ensure that the clothes you buy do not end up in the bin and make sure that the clothes you own are used as long as they are functional. Then you help to reduce the pressure in a world where far too many items of clothing are produced.