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Eco W Brand Tee

399 NOK

Loose-fit and comfortable, and extra environmentally friendly. These T-shirts keep the planet happy - they are 100% biodegradable! Made from 20% recycled cotton and 80% organic cotton, without the use of chemicals, sewn with Tencel thread and with 100% organic cotton labels. The T-shirt has a small Tufte logo on the chest and a large logo on the back. The logo is filled with a colorful sunset, and since no harmful dyes have been used either, this print is water-based. These are the tricks that make the T-shirts completely degradable.When the T-shirt's long life is over, in optimal compost conditions, with the right temperature, it will turn to soil within 4 months, and can make way for new growth and new life. In addition, the T-shirt is very comfortable to wear until you possibly put it in the ground.The colors in the material may vary due to the recycled cotton in the mix - this makes each garment unique and all the more environmentally friendly as the material has not been re-dyed.

Product details

'- Machine wash at 30℃
- Do not use bleach or fabric softener. The product is naturally soft and the fibers' properties can be destroyed by the chemicals in the fabric softener.
- Recommended to be dried without using a tumble dryer
- Ironed at low temperatures (below 110 degrees, 1 mark on the iron)


'- 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled cotton
- Material weight: 155 gsm

COLOUR: Quiet Harbor Melange
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COLOUR: Quiet Harbor Melange

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