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Women's Bambull® Longs

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Tufte Bambull® Longs are perfect when skiing, hiking or even under your jeans on a cold day. Whether you’re inside or outside, these longs will keep you warm and comfortable. Our Bambull® baselayers are two-layer constructions with bamboo rayon on the inside and superfine Merino wool on the outside – a winning combination for softness and warmth. It’s also 100% itch-free! The Bambull® range is sown in a way to ensure that wool will never be in direct contact with your skin, which means that even people with sensitive skin can dress safely and comfortably for cold days. If you’ve been outside for a long time and are starting to feel cold, you can turn the longs inside out and get the wool closest to your skin for increased warmth.

The Merino wool has a number of great abilities; it's very light, super soft, non-clammy, and will stay warm in the cold and feel cooling in the heat. It also has the ability to resist odor. Wool in itself is naturally renewable, recyclable and biodegradable – a friend to nature!

Materials and maintenance
  • Material: 47 % Merino wool, 41 % bamboo rayon, 12 % nylon and elastane
  • Micron: 18,5 – superfine Merino wool
  • Care advice: machine wash on wool cycle 30°C. Don't use a tumble dryer, fabric softener or bleach. Can be ironed on low heat.
  • Consider the environment - don't wash too often!
Product details
  • Detail: Elastic waistband with Tufte logo
  • Pattern: Single-coloured or multi-coloured
  • Article number: 5001-000-00
  • Collection: Tufte Everywear

Bambull® – Warm

Bambull® has a two-layer construction for unbeatable comfort and good warmth, with an inner layer in bamboo viscose and an outer layer in super-fine merino wool. This guarantees fantastic softness and warmth without itching like ordinary wool can do.

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