Our Commitment to Sustainability

What are we doing?


The most environmentally friendly clothes are the ones you don't buy, but we make sure that the ones you buy are as environmentally friendly as possible. We achieve this, among other things, by ensuring that our partners and suppliers meet the requirements for a number of certifications. This gives both us and you peace of mind that animal welfare, emissions, working conditions and much more are taken care of in a satisfactory manner. The certifications are international, the most important of which are Oeko-tex®, RDS, bluesign® and ISO - you can read more about what is hidden behind the letters here .


The most important measure is to reduce the number of garments each and every one of us buys. We make no secret of the fact that we make a living selling clothes, but do everything we can to ensure that what we sell lasts a long time and does not become out of fashion. That is why we choose hard-wearing and durable raw materials, such as merino wool. In addition, we work closely with our designers to create collections that are timeless in design and color choices. Our goal is that what you buy from us will give you pleasure and benefit for many, many years.