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To make clothing production less resource-intensive, bamboo is an ingenious place to start. We have been using bamboo since the beginning and do not intend to give us. Unlike cotton, bamboo grows quickly (up to 1 meter a day), requires little water and no pesticides. The benefits for the environment are many, in addition, the clothes become fantastically soft. No wonder we love bamboo.


Fleece is a reviled material, with good reason! We have given a promise to ourselves and nature that we will limit the use of plastic fiber in our clothes. That's why we have developed our own fleece - Falcon - made from 100% super fine merino wool. This is completely free of plastic and synthetic fibers.


Mulesing is a brutal surgical procedure in which the skin around the sheep's tail is cut away, without anesthesia. The purpose is to prevent urine and faeces from sticking to the skin folds, which in turn leads to flies laying eggs here. We choose to use wool from farms that do not have this practice, where the farmers rather wash the back of the sheep, thus saving the animals from unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Organic and recycled cotton

A lot of water and pesticides are used in the production of traditional cotton, so we are constantly trying to find better alternatives. Organic cotton is a very good alternative, as this is cotton grown without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides, which improves the soil and often requires less water. Recycled cotton is made from used clothing or surplus from other textile production. See our garments made from organic or recycled cotton HERE.


What we use to wrap our products must be usable for more, we thought. The result is that we have made packaging that can be used for other things, such as our baby pack that also works as a sleeve for a laptop, or iPad if you buy the child size. We have a four-pack with children's socks that is delivered in a pencil made of organic cotton as well as gift boxes where the stickers can be easily removed so that the boxes can be used for gifts, storage or a thousand other things. We are constantly looking for new ideas for reuse, if you have a good idea we would love to hear from you HERE.


We work every day to cut the use of plastic. So far, we have found a full-fledged alternative to polyester fleece through our own wool fleece Falcon, which does not contain any plastic and thus limits the release of microplastic. In addition, in 2017 we cut the use of plastic in all our packaging. They are now made of 100% recyclable cardboard. Do you have any good ideas for what else we can do? Send us a message HERE.


The most environmentally friendly garments are the ones you do not buy, but we at least make sure that the ones you buy are as environmentally friendly as possible. We achieve this, among other things, by ensuring that our partners and suppliers meet the requirements for a number of certifications. This gives both us and you an assurance that animal welfare, emissions, working conditions and much more are taken care of in a satisfactory manner. The certifications are international, the most important of them are Oeko-tex®, RDS, bluesign® and ISO - what is hidden behind the letters you can read more about HERE.

clothes that last

The most important measure is to reduce the number of garments each of us buys. We do not hide that we make a living from selling clothes, but do everything we can so that what we sell will last a long time and not become outdated. That is why we choose durable and durable raw materials, such as merino wool. In addition, we work closely with our designers to create collections that are timeless in design and color choices. Our goal is that what you buy from us will give you joy and benefit for many, many years.
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