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What can you do?

As individuals, we all have an opportunity to make things better by making good choices. When it comes to buying clothes, it's mostly about doing two things: Buy fewer garments, and wear them longer. On average, each of us throws away 23 kilos of clothes each year, and most of us do not have an overview of what we have in the closet. By starting the shopping trip in your own wardrobe, you may discover that you already have what you were thinking of buying. And before you buy, you can ask yourself if you really need just that garment. Here we have five simple tips that will make it easier to be a conscious clothing customer.

buy less

The most important thing you can do is as simple as it is difficult: Buy fewer garments. Start by asking yourself if you really need the garment you want. Most of us have more clothes than we strictly need, and the garments you do not buy are the ones that are best for the environment. It's so easy, and difficult.

Use - Don't consume

Quality over quantity. It pays off both for you and for the environment. If you choose quality clothes, both in the choice of materials and craftsmanship, the probability is high that you will enjoy the garments for a long, long time.


A sweater is not a sweater, and wool is not wool. The more you know about what your clothes are made of and how, the easier it is to dress environmentally conscious. Some raw materials are far more resource-intensive than others, and some production processes and countries pollute more than others. HERE we have made is a little more comprehensive overview of what you should look for. Read it, and you can be the one who makes friends and family more conscious clothing customers.


We wash our clothes too often, and usually too hard. It wears out our clothes, and it harms the environment because we use more water and chemicals than necessary. Do not use the laundry basket as a wardrobe, and check if a stain can just as easily be wiped off with a cloth before washing the entire garment. By the way, did you know that wool can often be aired instead of washed?

pass it on!

Clothes you no longer have we can be of great joy to others. Whether you pass it on to friends or to a clothing collection, you do a good thing when you contribute to reuse. Did you know that clothes that are damaged can also be recycled? Textile waste is used to make a wide range of new products, including insulation materials and carpets.
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