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Merino wool - heres why we love it!

The Merino sheep is one of the oldest sheep breeds in the world, and definitely the toughest. Tufte only uses wool from farms that do not practice mulesing. Here you can read more about merino wool and its benefits.

Where ordinary sheep graze and enjoy themselves in the lowlands, most merino sheep live high up in the southern Alps of New Zealand, through scorching summers and icy winters. Due to the incredible and completely natural construction of the wool, the sheep can survive extreme conditions. The merino sheep's summer wool stays cooled in temperatures up to +35 ° C. In winter, the merino sheep can grow an extra layer of wool over the bottom layer to protect against temperatures down to -20 ° C.

Merino wool has many wonderful properties; it is super light, soft, does not get clammy, retains heat in the cold and is cooling in the heat, and has odor-inhibiting properties. The wool is naturally renewable, recyclable and degradable. No merino wool is developed in the lab or modified in any way. All wool is hand-picked to ensure high quality.


Softness is an important trait in all our clothes. Most of our clothes are inner layers that are to be used directly against the skin. Since the skin is the body's largest organ, large parts of the skin will come into direct contact with the clothes. Therefore, it is important that all clothing and materials are soft enough to ensure good comfort.

Wool fibers are measured on softness and fineness on the micron scale. The lower the micron, the softer the fabric. Merino is one of the softest fibers on this scale, which means that it is not only warm but also incredibly comfortable against the skin. We always use wool with 18.5 microns or lower in our clothes, defined as "super fine wool", to guarantee a soft and comfortable experience.


We only use wool from farms that do not do mulesing. Instead of this brutal surgical procedure, the farmers simply choose to wash the back of the sheep instead. This simple grip saves the animals from unnecessary pain and discomfort. We are happy to use wool from sheep that are doing well.


«Wicking» er et stoffs evne til å absorbere fukt bort fra kroppen og transportere det ut i lufta. For klær som brukes rett på huden er dette en viktig faktor og kan hjelpe på å øke komfort og funksjon. Merinofiberet har naturlig wicking-evne, og absorberer vann fra huden og hjelper kroppen med å holde seg varm og beholde en komfortabel kroppstemperatur. Merinoen kan absorbere opp til 35 % av sin egen vekt i vann før det begynner å føles vått. Dette er mye høyere enn de fleste syntetiske fibre på markedet.


Once a year, the merino sheep is sheared. This usually happens between August and November, to ensure that they still have their warm wool coats in the cold winter months. The person responsible for the haircut leaves a good deal of wool left on the sheep to keep them warm. Mowing is not only about harvesting wool, it is also important to keep the animals comfortable. The merino sheep can sample a large amount of wool, which can lead to impaired field of vision and that they can feel very uncomfortable during hot summers.

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