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Hiking Clothes


Are you going on a trip in the mountains, fjords, forests and fields? In this connection, it is an excellent opportunity to upgrade the hiking wardrobe.

Here you can read about Stine Næss-Hartmann and Martin Helseth's favorites, perfect for the purpose.


One of those who has become enthusiastic about Tufte is Stine Næss-Hartmann - training instructor, running enthusiast and influencer, and our own Tufte ambassador.

- For me, Tufte is an incredibly versatile brand. You have extremely cool hiking clothes that are suitable for all kinds of weather, whether it is hiking in the mountains, in the woods or just in your immediate area, says Hartmann, who is the official Tufte ambassador. - For example, the singlet in 95% SoftBoost ™ incredibly soft, and fits perfectly under a sweater when you are on a trip, but also as a party top if you are going to the city, she laughs. The active woman recently became a mother for the first time, so city trips are less of it at the moment. Thus, Tufte has become a big part of the new everyday life.

- I have become a "wheelchair" and go x number of trips with at least every day. Then it is absolutely golden to have clothes that keep you dry and warm in unstable summer weather that we have in Norway. I would like to highlight the softshell series Willow with hiking trousers and jacket. They are absolutely beautiful and wonderfully comfortable to walk in. Perfect for days where it suddenly starts to drip when you are out for a walk, says Hartmann.

The Willow series also consists of shorts, hiking trousers and zip-off trousers.


Another who has also opened his eyes to Tufte is rower Martin Helseth. This summer he was supposed to have participated in the Olympic Games in Tokyo with his boss, Olaf Tufte, but the championship has been postponed until next year as a result of the coronavirus. Competition has therefore been replaced with training sessions in the hometown of Ålesund. Then it's okay to have warm clothes.

- It is absolutely golden to have something that keeps you warm - and Tufte does, says Helseth. The rower is, like Hartmann, an ambassador for Tufte and has tested most of the collection. He often uses products from Tuftet Hazel series , especially hiking pants and jacket. The series also consists of anorak and hiking shorts in organic cotton.

- I use my clothes a lot in connection with training, especially to stay warm between sessions. Otherwise there will be mountain hikes and then Tufte is perfect. I have used the hiking pants a lot. They are incredibly comfortable.
- Otherwise I always have Bambull® wool underwear deep down when I'm out for a walk, says Helseth. - The quality of the products is extremely high, and you can use them again and again without they get worn out. In addition, there is a great focus on the environment and sustainability at Tufte, which is very important to me, he adds.

The popular The Willow series is also available for men and consists of hiking pants, hiking jacket and hiking shorts in softshell. This is technical hiking clothing with, among other things, aeration for high activity.


Among other favorites, Helseth highlights the degradable The Eco T-shirts. They are made from 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled cotton, without the use of harmful chemicals. This makes the T-shirts 100% degradable. After a few months in compost, it simply turns to soil. - Not only are they incredibly good to wear and look stylish, the fact that they are degradable makes them extra cool. You can use them with a clear conscience, says Helseth.

Næss-Hartmann has been Tufte's ambassador for over a year and has used most of the collection. When we ask for one favorite, there is a flurry of rams - socks with rainbow pattern and comfortable hats in a variety of colors. Still, there is one favorite influencer swears by when she goes on a trip.

- Wool underwear Bambull® . It's absolutely amazing. I use it on mountain hikes, cool summer days and power-walk hikes. You do not have to worry about getting cold when you are outdoors with Bambull®.

Bambull® is a two-layer garment with merino wool on the outside and bamboo viscose inside, it is incredibly soft and keeps you warm. The garments from Tufte in Bambull® are made so that the skin never comes into direct contact with wool, so even people with sensitive skin can enjoy warm wool-based garments. If you are going to sleep outside in a hammock or tent this summer, Bambull® is perfect as a baby if it suddenly gets a little chilly.

This article was prepared by Splay and originally published in Nettavisen.

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