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Bambull® is a Tufte invention that came into being in 2014. The name Bambull® is a combination of the words bamboo and wool , and plays directly on the garment's composition.

tufte wear


These are two-layer wool underwear with soft bamboo viscose on the inside, and super fine and warm merino wool on the outside. The composition of Bambull® is magical, especially for people with sensitive skin, eczema or skin allergies. Here you get the warmth from wool, but no wool directly against the skin! The clothes are designed so that the soft and gentle bamboo is folded out over all openings; for example on the sweater where bamboo viscose is placed around the neckline, wrists and around the edge at the very bottom. This is how Bambull® ensures that everyone can wear comfortable and warm woolen underwear, without itching! This is also part of the reason why you can find Bambull® in pharmacies.

In 2017, we conducted a survey in which up to 95% of people with sensitive skin and/or skin allergies were very satisfied with Bambull® garments - and that is an absolutely fantastic response!


tufte wear


Tuftes Bambull® is also a more sustainable variant of a two-layer product. Where some manufacturers choose to have polyester or other synthetic material on the inside, we have bamboo viscose. Both bamboo viscose and merino wool are based on natural raw materials, which in turn make Bambull® a more environmentally friendly choice.

The Bambull® family has grown and now consists of garments for the whole family. Everything from tops, stillongs, hats, headbands and necks to one-piece suits for little ones.


Our baselayers are divided into varying degrees of warmth based on the garment's function and ability to retain heat, and go from Warm to Warmer and Warmest. Our classic Bambull® is categorized as Warm as it has bamboo viscose on the inside and no wool directly against the skin.

Good and warm, and good for sensitive skin.