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Norwegian summer, with temperatures from 5 to 30 degrees, makes it difficult to know how to dress - therefore wool is good to have. Wool is gold for hiking all year round, and although it keeps the cold out in the winter, it also helps to regulate the temperature even on hot summer days.

Tufte wear


Wool regulates the temperature, has self-cleaning properties, prevents the smell of sweat and also does not need to be washed as often (It is often sufficient to air
the clothes). The areas of use for wool are therefore many, something our ambassadors have experienced. That is why we at Tufte also have wool garments included in the summer collection.

Photo: Celine Jessen in Tufte Villeple Merino T-shirt and Vipe Softshell Shorts, at Eidesnuten in scenic Odda. Photographer Tor Hveem.

Tufte wear


The wool garments in the Frost collection are warm, thin, light and incredibly soft at the same time. The garments are made from 100% super fine merino wool. The natural and wonderful properties of wool will keep you warm even if you get wet or sweaty. In addition, the temperature is regulated so that you are warm in the cold and cool in the heat. This makes the garments a natural part of the hiking wardrobe, while at the same time they can be used as everyday garments on cool days.

Bambull® is wool underwear with a two-layer construction for unbeatable comfort and good warmth, with an inner layer in bamboo viscose and an outer layer in superfine merino wool. This composition guarantees wonderful softness and warmth without itchiness, as some find wool can do. The garments are well suited for an active lifestyle, whether it's on holiday in Norway, forest walks with the family or a walk with the dog.

Tufte wear


Celine lives in Odda in Western Norway and makes several weekly trips to Trolltunga. There the temperature can vary between 6 and 15 degrees, and then wool is absolutely perfect.

"Frost has really surprised me, and has become a big favourite. Incredibly comfortable to wear, and what's more, it doesn't dress at all. It's thin, but still keeps the heat very well so a good alternative for mountain trips in spring, summer and autumn . Absorbs sweat well, dries quickly and has a really nice fit. I love it, and use it very often! It's perfect that it's also available with short sleeves!"

"Bambull® is very soft on and doesn't itch. Good quality, and very durable. It keeps the heat well, absorbs the sweat and is perfect for my mountain trips. In addition, it is very good to run with on the slightly colder trips. Very good fit !"